There are so many personal trainers presented on MYSIX. Who should I select to train with?
Our system will show you with the best matching by the filter you selected at the start such as, locations, specialties and genders. You can also check the history feedback from previous customers as well.
How long does 1 session take?
approximate one hour
Do I have to be a gym membership to do a training with our gym partner?
You get a free entry if you book a gym personal trainers through MYSIX.
If I want to train with MYSIX trainer at the same time with my friends???
Yes. If your selected trainer provides a group session or not.
Do I need to have a space at home if I would like to hire in-home personal trainers?
Our personal trainers can adapt the training programme to be suited with your home space. No worried if you still consider that it is too small, you can select an appointment with trainers to anywhere such as, park, condominium, or an office.
How to book a MYSIX trainer?
Create your account -> Find your Match -> Online payment by your debit or credit card -> Waiting for MYSIX notification
Why do I have to hire MYSIX Personal Trainer?
1. Qualification and Securities; The qualification of MYSIX trainers are carefully screened by our professional team as well as an effective online payment is efficient to support you to track all the session progress. 2. Variety of trainer; MYSIX gathers a number of trainers who are specialized in different areas such as, Weight training, Yoga, Boxing and sport recreation.