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Single Profile - Multi Disclosure

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Seek More Clients & Receive More Incomes

We are leading an online fitnesses solution platform, which held a vital role in fitness community. Let us help you to seek the right clients and earn more incomes

Freedom To Choose Your Time Slot and Place

We understand that human like freedom, so your free time slot and place you want to be is what we concern. Stay with MYSIX, increase flexibility of your level of FREEDOM

Our Passion In Fitness Business is TRULY LOVE To Us

Become one of MYSIX's trainer can help people to have a better well-being and quality of life. We are passionate to provide the highest quality of service to customer and taking a very good care of our trainer and that is why we have promising career path scheme, generated by our love driven team. Count on us, we'll grow together


Can I reschedule my timeslot?
Yes, you can change your timeslot at anytime, if that timeslot has not been booked.
How to be a MYSIX trainer?
Create a trainer account -> Wait for an appointment email -> Interview at MYSIX office -> Get start on MYSIX system
If I don't have any certifications about personal training. Can I still apply for this career?
This case will be passed to our HR team on the day of your interview.