MYSIX is an online fitness platform which allows customers to meet with their best matching personal trainer through our friendly system

Weight Training

Muscle building | Strength | Stamina

Physical training that involves weight lifting through the process of isolation and compound movements. Session involves a various range of equipment from professional fitness centers to very convenient household equipments

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular system | Fat burn | Muscle density

Training that alternates between moderate and high intensity intervals exercises, which aims to boost metabolism during the session and throughout the fat by maximizing calories burn

Sports Recreation

Sporting skills | Fat burn | Flexibility

A fun session consists of wide range of sporting activities such as Boxing, Cycling and all the sports that our specials specialize trainer has to offer. The session is a combination of skill related movements aiming to improve user's cardiovascular system and fat loss

Flexibility Training

Flexibility | Posture | Prevent and Recovery

A light training session that aims to relax the body and mind. The training focuses on the body's range of movements to prevent and recover from physical injuries. The session includes a wide range of techniques including Yoga and Pilates